You chose Stamped Concrete, Flagstone, Interlocking Pavers, and Saltillos because of their beauty and functional use on your outside patios and walkways. But as time has gone by, you can see discoloration, staining, and hard water deposits clouding the once stellar look of your your outside surfaces.

At Sureshine, or specialty is troubleshooting the cause of these problems. And the solutions do not just include contracting our services, we provide easy maintenance suggestions to increase the useful life of your patios and reduce the need for professional restoration services for years.

Understand that when left to the elements, your surface is at the mercy of nature. So the best time to perform work on these areas is during spring months so they look best over the summer and fall when you will use them most. We understand that your patios and walkways must be used for your pleasure and it is our mission to extend the useful life of these surfaces for years.

Services that we provide for Exterior Surfaces include: Deep Clean & Seal, Stripping Services, Color Enhancing, Stain Removal (Poulticing), Detail Clean & Seal, Polishing, Scratch Removal, and Repairs.

Some services for this surface qualify for our Fast Answers self evaluated proposal. Get started with Fast Answers and have your proposal in minutes.

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