The beauty and ease of maintenance of polished concrete has been becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and businesses. A concrete floor is a blank canvas. Whether you add travertine, Ceramic, or decorative stains and polishes directly to the floor, you are in control. Old floors tend to have some imperfections, however many of these can be overcome and seen to add character to the finished look.

Because one of our specialties is Grinding and Polishing natural stone, we have become very good at achieving the same results on concrete and concrete based terrazzo. We recently completed two major Refinishing projects in Orange County, CA. Please visit our photo gallery to see these and other projects.

Services that we provide for Concrete and Concrete based terrazzo include: Stripping, Concrete Grindingz (Surface Prep), Densification (Retroplate), Refinishing, and Polishing.

For a free customized evaluation and proposal of all of your terrazzo and decorative polished concrete needs, please call us or go to the Evaluation Request form so we can call you and set up a personalized appointment.