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Corona del Mar, CA Marble, Granite, Travertine & Limestone Restoration, Polishing & Cleaning.

Travertine Floor Refinishing in process

This floor was in the process of grinding. Many customers choose this flat finish called a honed finish.

Travertine Floor after refinishing and polishing

Beautiful floor was ground to remove uneven tiles and polished to a mirror finish

Marble polishing? Travertine Cleaning and polishing? Granite repair and restoration? Yes! We do it all and have been doing it all for more than 25 years.

We restore your marble counters, showers, and floors to their original condition in a day or two with little impact on your home. Your surrounding surfaces are masked and protected. Your furniture is moved as possible. Your marble floors, showers, and counters are refinished and polished and sealed.

When repairs are necessary, Sureshine has particular expertise in making cracked or chipped stone look natural. Nothing is as natural as the original, but when your granite counters or travertine floors are repaired, you can rest assured that the best materials were used to achieve the best looking and long lasting repair.

Granite Counter Before

Granite counter before Sureshine’s polishing technique.

Granite Counter After

Granite counter after Sureshine’s polishing technique. The surface is then sealed and buffed.

Guaranteed Workmanship means that we will get it done right for you, and if there is any issue we will return for no obligation or additional cost. We call this our Sureshine TOTAL QUALITY SERVICE Guarantee and we take it very seriously.

Writing the Standard for the Industry!

Our owner wrote the standard for Natural Stone Restoration Processes. No other company on the West

Coast has the experience that Sureshine has. Ted McFadden, our owner delivered the standard and the Coverings show in 2016. Ted started refinishing natural stone in 1987 at the age of 14 and has since become known as one of the top trainers in the industry with a simplified training technique that treats the “art” of stone restoration as a science. Check out Ted’s book at Easy Stone Care.

Ted McFadden Delivering the Standard at Coverings

Ted McFadden Delivering the Standard at Coverings 2016 Trade Show and Conference.

There is two ways to get a proposal.

  1. You can call the office at 7148418300 and schedule a free estimate. This is recommended if you have several areas to restore. With a large project the evaluator will be able to see efficiencies in the project and package it in a way that makes sense.
  2. If you have a single floor or a couple of areas and know what service you need, you can use an online resource such as the bidding button on this web site. This is a fast easy way to get the answers that you need.

Scheduling can usually be done within two weeks. This means that from the time you call you are two weeks away from a beautiful new house.

About the author:

Ted is the owner of Sureshine Care and Restoration Services, Inc. in Orange County California with an office in Morgan Hill, California. Ted has been polishing and restoring natural stone and tile since 1987, has written a book on the subject and teaches a four day intensive hands on seminar to teach interested students the stone restoration trade. If you are in need of services in Southern California, please call us at (800)378-0266 or email

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