You have beautifully installed and polished marble vanities and intend to keep them that way. But the constant borage of use from guests as well as your maintenance staff has slowly degraded the shine and clarity of the surfaces.

After our Refinishing projects, the most common question that we are asked is, “How long will my counters stay shiny and pretty like this?”

Because marble etches and scratches and is constantly exposed to the elements the shine of any counter that is used regularly can be compromised quickly. Sureshine has worked for years to solve this problem. Recently, we began to offer a protective film that we call Stone Guard film.

Stone Guard film is a guard against etching. SG is applied in sheets of transparent high durability film to the surface of marble to prevent etching and provide a barrier to scratches that might occur. Because the cost of the application of the film is less than Refinishing the surface, after the first application, the film need only be replaced on a periodic basis. The Refinishing process NEVER needs to be repeated.

During a project that includes the application of this film, Sureshine will provide direction on troubleshooting and the maintenance of the film, and if you require we will train staff members on the replacement of the film.

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