November, 2015

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How to Take Care of Travertine Floors

Travertine is one of the most common flooring materials in many parts of the United States. We get calls every day from customers that have problems with scratches, etches, holes,and other issues. Our specialty is restoring your stone to its original “like new” condition. But what happens when we leaveRead More

Here are some great tips for taking care of porcelain surfaces

I know, this is a strange subject. I mean, who want to talk about toilets. Well no one likes to clean toilets, least of all me. We have developed some easy care procedures for porcelain sinks, shower tiles, counter tiles, toilets, and tubs that help to reduce water spotting, mineral build-up, and scale over time. These methods will not completely eliminate your need to clean your toilet but they will reduce the severity and increase the time that the surfaces will last between cleanings.

Travertine Shower Care and Maintenance is Not a Mystery!

I have had a lot of questions over the past few weeks about travertine shower care. Here are some terrific easy to follow instructions that I wrote for for their “how to” section. All of the products are available at When caring for your travertine shower it isRead More

How to Take Care of Marble Counters

After Sureshine refinishes your marble counters to their original “like new appearance, use these simple maintenance guidelines to keep them looking new for years. Call us today to make your marble counters look like new. (800)378-0266. Marble Counter Care and Maintenance When caring for your Marble Counters it is important toRead More

How to Care For Granite Counters – Call Us Today (800)378-0266

Use these easy instructions to care for your granite counters. All of the products are available at Call us at anytime to make your counters look like new again or to have any repairs done so you can “start fresh” with these great suggestions.

Granite kitchen counter polishing and sealing. Call us today at 800-378-0266.

Your granite counters will never look so good! Granite counters can lose their luster over time. When this happens, the surface needs to be professionally polished. The process usually takes about three hours to detail clean, polish with our premium granite polishing service, seal, and buff. At the same timeRead More